Snakes Alive! It's a Rotary Earth Week Cleanup

This is an image snapped right before the sky burst open over Huntsville with a thunderstorm on Thursday, April 27. Rotary Club of Huntsville-Lake of Bays members and family collecting trash for an Earth Week cleanup at the Highway 11 intersections in Huntsville didn't panic. Not about the storm anyway ...

Guess what we found ...

Club president Alison did, however, panic (only a little bit) after picking up a discarded food wrapper and finding this little fella underneath it. The red-bellied snake was one of two spotted on the shoulder of Highway 60 during the cleanup. It was a glimpse into why we Rotarians pitch in for Earth Day cleanups -- not only to beautify our environment, but also to protect it. 
Other items "collected" that evening included: a plastic bag full of used diapers; various beer cans; cigarette butts; candy wrappers; disposable coffee cups; motor oil jugs; sheet metal; plastic beverage cups; car mats; a wiper blade; water bottles; cigarette packs; and more. 
"There were a lot of Starbucks cups," says one volunteer. "We don't even have a Starbucks."